Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lensbaby Adventures 2

The image above is with the lensbaby centred and f 5.6 on a full frame sensor camera.

The image above is f 2 (ie. wide open).

Now we have the lens baby tilted up so only the upper edge has any sharpness

and in the last image above we see the lensbaby tilted modestly to the right.

I had forgotten that in a lens with peripheral aberations, the size of the sensor would make a huge difference and it does - at 5.6 and centred and small sensor, looking through the lensbaby you have to look to see the blurring in the viewfinder (though it's more obvious in the images themselves) but with a full frame sensor, the edges are extremely blurred.

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Billie said...

George, Even with the original lensbaby, I preferred the smaller apertures because of the amount of blur/smear that you got on a full frame sensor. Most of the time I used f8. Well, I'll just have to wait until I get the Composer and see how if it will be suitable for my work.