Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Blizzard

Wednesday was a lovely 17 degrees C., Thursday morning I walked the dog in warm sunshine. That afternoon the wind whipped up to 30+ mph and the temperature dropped below freezing and the snow started falling horizontally.

Friday I headed to Edmonton to see my Dad and found snow drifts along the highway and in one spot, they were black, dust blowing off the newly tilled fields.

Today the snow was almost gone and the temperature back up and my friend Lawrence Chrismas and I headed for the badlands of Drumheller. Lawrence is one of the photographers in my next book and we needed a portrait of him, so we stopped off at his small miner's house property adjacent to the Red Deer River and made this portrait.


Tien Frogget said...

Nice portrait. I like the spot you chose, it's just enough to make it interesting without the background being too distracting. You really get a feel for his character. :)

Robin Whalley said...

I really like the snow drift image. It's very difficult to judge the real scale of this. It reminds me of some of the glaciated hills in Iceland.