Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Box And Pipe Version 2

In keeping with getting the shot quickly into the camera before things change, I made the picture posted on the weekend, but I also then stopped to think about what I was doing. I decided to include more of the curve in the upper left, while at the same time exposing only the lid of the box. Moving back a few inches and adjusting the zoom allowed for what I think is a better composition. Again, Helicon Focus is used for near infinite depth of field, and this time I was careful to consider the framing with the closest focus as the image is slightly magnified (ie. cropped) which means that if you do your framing with the distant part of the image in focus, you may get the framing wrong.

I took advantage of the colour sliders in the black and white conversion layer in photoshop to give the grass just the right tint through adjusting the yellow and green sliders while slightly darkening the beige box by darkening the red slider, none of which affected the relatively neutral concrete. Considerable work was done with curves adjustment layers to get the tonalities right (some 10 layers of adjustment), as well as subtle highlight dodging near the end of the workflow - just as I wrote about in my second book.

I have just realized that the bottom corner of the grass looks a little weak - so before I make my first print, I'll darken that (but have left the problem here for you to see the kind of thing that I adjust to make a good print).

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Rod said...

I'm not exactly sure why, but I seem to favor shot #1. It's not a purely conscious thing, but looking at them closer, I feel that my eye is drawn deeper into the first one, whereas with the second one it seems to get hung up on the framing on the left. Also, I like the more mysterious and geometric shape of the "box" (didn't have a clue what it was...lol) juxtaposed against the smooth curves in the first shot. Maybe when the grass in the lower corner of the 2nd one is darkened as you say, it will improve it; the balance of light to dark is more pleasing to my eyes in the first one as is. Either one would make a nice print!