Saturday, July 10, 2010

Never Know What You'll Find

Was on my way to photograph some industrial equipment and though it was there this morning as I returned from the farmers market - it was gone when I went out to photograph four hours later - sigh. So I headed for a city park that is entirely wild - first growth firs - but the path was closed - washouts. On my way back, I noticed a giant tree stump in the garden of a rather modern and ordinary looking church - and spent a delightful hour photographing it in the rain, looking for the best compositions.


Don and Sher Cooper said...

I love to find things like this, the oppurtunities are endless and I can see why you put some time into it, very artistic.

greg said...

I am by no means a nature activist. I do, however, deeply enjoy capturing nature much more than what we place our hands on. I find pictures like this one, enjoyable; whether I am viewing, or capturing.