Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rock Pool

From Jura Canyon floor, shot with the Shen Hao 5X7, T-MAX 100, 210 lens.


Joe Lipka said...

Is it just me, the computer rendering or a coincidence that your rusty drum and this rock pool look very much alike.

Maybe you have a new thing going here, making rusty drums look like rocks and rocks looking like rusty drums. Or maybe you can make them both look like something else.

Rynage said...

Very astute observation, Joe. Looks to me like a case of what's behind the camera being more important than what's in front--overarching vision being more important than subject matter. My opinion.

George Barr said...

So that leaves the question of whether this would make a single portfolio, "Small Parts", or do you feel they are too similar, too much me and not enough subject?


Tien Frogget said...

in my opinion, they only look similar when you see them right next to each other. i really like the composition of this one, it's beautiful.