Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mea Culpa - on Profiling

Oops - sure I had all the right settings in print setup - but I forgot to turn off Photoshop does colour in the main printer dialog box. Shit...

I'll reprofile the Hahemeule in the next 24 hours and publish the results.

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. Had planned to post a Christmas Card, but yet again blogger can't upload images - this has been more down than working over the last several months and they still don't have it working - Mac and Firefox for me. I'd switch but then I'd have to maintain all the archived articles, all > 1000 of them.


Sandy Wilson said...

George, Isn't modern technology wonderful, when it works that is.

latoga said...

George, wordpress can import all your old posts (and images I believe) from Blogger. When I cut over few years back I just pushed one button to have all my historical posts sucked into wordpress.

Hope you had a great holidays!