Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weathered Plywood

An old billboard, long since devoid of advertizing material. I've been thinking it would be worth photographing for some time, and on the weekend finally stopped in time to do so. Stitched of course. Images processed in Camera Raw and output as TIFF's, then stitched in PTGui Pro, output as a psb file (it's 22,000X5,200 pixels after cropping). Very little in the way of edting (for me - which means only about 30 minutes and two dozen changes - mostly to do with lightening the centre, darkening the left end a bit to balance the right).


orcasmac said...

I've just returned to your blog after an extended absence. If memory serves me right, didn't you once create a stitched panorama (looking inward) by walking around a tree? I'd been trying to find that in my notes, to no avail. How long ago did you do that?

Nice experiment, BTW.


aqui said...

Goodness, there is a lot of worthwhile info above!