Thursday, September 08, 2011

Andy Nixon Blog And Videos

Just stumbled on the blog of Andy Nixon and he has some very interesting content. I have just finished a short video of Michael Levin out photographing in Japan and when seen full screen, you get to see several of Michael's images at a great size.

Still to be explored are other videos on Paul Caponigro, Charlie Cramer and David Ward. I'll be back.


nixonphoto said...

Hi George,

An honor to be mentioned on your blog today.

Many thanks,


Sandy Wilson said...

The Charles Cramer video was very interesting particularly what he was saying about his coloured water reflections.

I have been experimenting with coloured water reflections and they are not easy to photograph by any means. I photograph rivers, streams and harbours to obtain my subject matter.

The main two problems encountered are enough depth of field across the image frame and freezing the constan undulating flux of the water itself. The undulating water is always moving faster that you think, and in fact although I use a digital SLR to make the images, you never exactly know what you are going to caputure. In fact you are photographing the invisible and you are always surprized when you examine the LCD screen to view the captured image.

You always have to photgraph the subject matter into the ligh which can also play havoc with your exposure if you do not make allowances for this.

although you may get many failures the successful images are worth all the effort.