Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another Rockface


TJ said...

Wait... is this a simple rock face or an engraving? I kinda see a sculpture of a hand and arm expanding on the left side!

ilachina said...

Just a superb series George; looking forward to more! You are truly a master of the close-cropped much to see, eye constantly roaming over the image, ample reward for pausing to look at some detail, then off to some other spot, yet always in a harmonious whole. As we know, that is *not* easy to do; even more difficult to do consistently. Nicely done George (as always).

Sandy Wilson said...

Well George this is not just another rock face it is a great rock face. I wish I had some rock faces like that near at hand.

I would certainly have field day exploring the finer details with my macro lens.

Enlarging the image on the computer screen the colours are fantastic.

Might I suggest that you explore these rock faces from a closer view point, you might be surprised.

Its all in they detail as they say.

Just Another Abused Air Traveler said...

Here's another rockface your might like