Saturday, December 17, 2011

Well, I Didn't Get the 645D

I was still uncertain as I drove to the store to return the loaned 645D and decided that I needed more certainty.

The issues were the money ($10,000), the lack of live view (I do a lot of focus blending), that with only the eyepiece I compromised flexibility at a time when I could really use a tilting LCD and live view to further flexibility, and a careful analysis of my own images with the camera and those available on the net to compare. I made prints and found I couldn't see a difference until I got up over 20X30 inches.

Today, I went out with the 5D2, and as dusk fell and I couldn't see through the viewfinder and as exposures moved towards 30 seconds and still live view worked well, I realized another advantage of live view.

Below are the images from this afternoon. The first had my 70-200 almost touching a chain link fence and there was a bit of fiddling to remove the hazy image of the wire. This was part of the demolished grain terminal in Calgary I had photographed before as it was being demolished.


Lyn Rees said...

I guess it all comes down to what you need a camera for, and lets face it, you'll get a lot of SLR + Lenses for $10,000.

Unknown said...

I believe the thought of a medium format digital camera just fascinates us. That's why I hang on to my RB and all the lenses, hoping someday an affordable back will come along.
Brooks made a good post yesterday on his tech notes. Different camera but same thing.
My mark II continues to be more camera than I need.