Thursday, January 12, 2012

Electronic Viewfinders

Someone showed my their new Canon ?5100 dslr and I couldn't believe how small the image was in the viewfinder - having been used to a 1ds2, 5d2 and recently trying the pentax645D.

Last weekend a friend let me play with his new Nex 7. The sun was low and bright, snow on the ground, and I could look at the viewfinder and see the image just fine, with the sun visible off to the left side - utterly amazing, and far better than my own Panasonic GH2. I much prefer the controls on the GH2 (exc. for the fact that I always press the menu when I grip the camera), but the viewfinder on the sony really was excellent.
The image was smooth and seemed to refresh a lot faster than my GH2.

I think the time of the slr with electronic viewfinger, a la the Sony A series cameras, has arrived, and it is only time before Canon and Nikon abandon bouncing mirrors.

Whether mirrors will be needed at all (as per the A series for focusing) or will focusing on the sensor become faster as processors get more powerful, I suspect the latter and we will have rapid focus, live view, tilting viewfinders etc..


Tim said...

Oh, I've been wondering how the GH2 and Nex-7 would compare. Didn't know you had one. Can you elucidate further on the ergonomic differences? (I already know the big "24MPel" difference :)

George Barr said...

My use of the Sony was very brief. The Sony is very programmable, the GH-2 has a number of dedicated switches, buttons and dials, well marked and serving one function when shooting. I was shooting with gloves on and neither was ideal in this situation, though the GH-2 was less of a problem.

Would I now go for the more pixels and sig. better evf - absolutely, though if this were my day to day camera, I'd probably miss the functionality of the GH-2.

Really, when you reduce body size, there are consequences that are hard to get around. Whether the smaller body is all that important when one parks a zoom on the camera... well...

What I did note with the Sony was it had on the standard zoom, whatever that is, and I have the 14-140 zoom on my GH-2 and boy, I sure missed it, even in taking casual shots of my friend Ken as he was gassing up.

With that lens on, you'd be hard pressed to really make much difference on the total package and absolutely not pocketable.


Anonymous said...

Canon 5100??

Tim said...

Thanks for clarifying. I'm also leaning towards the NEX-7 on IQ grounds, but will have to hold it myself first, I think; I tried the nex-5 on a whim and it was just too tiny. The GH2 is about the limit of smallness for me - as you say, especially with gloves on, one does occasionally wallop the odd errant button.