Monday, August 13, 2012

Drain Pipe Continued

This is the version that was not lightened for making the print - despite best efforts to profile monitor and printer and correct screen brightness, the shadows were too deep in the print and I'd added a lightening curve. This is what it was before and is much closer to what I wanted.

And here is what the image looks like in black and white. Now to decide which I prefer. Not easy.


Tim said...

Initial leanings here are in favour of the black&white - it lends itself to pareidolia such as "Death's hood" in the top-right fold and the lower-centred clod of earth becoming a skull. I wouldn't have deduced those from the colour - only by going back after the black&white does that become apparent.

Chris said...

I totally prefer the black and white version. I find the color, particular the green grass, to be very distracting from the overall form. The black and white version is much stronger from that perspective.

Bronx Sewer Cleaning said...

Interesting post - thanks for sharing!