Sunday, November 03, 2013

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

This is the latest iteration of my back of the pudding oven image, here a bit darker in the shadows and a fair bit darker in the highlights. I now have a 48 inch print hanging on my office wall and still think it looks like something the Hubble would have photographed.

Incidentally, I shot this with the Zeiss 50 mm. f2 macro and the image at 4 feet is nose on sharp without seeing any sharpening artifacts - this image at 100% on screen looks like any other image at no magnification it's that good. True, an even tougher test would be distant treeleaves but damn, if I can make 4 foot wide prints, why would I ever need anything more. Glad I didn't go for the Pentax 645D even though it's a very nice camera, and even more so, not for a used Phase One.

Once again, don't forget to enjoy the image at max. size - no it's not 100% mag. but it will better fill your screen. 


Wayne said...


I think this is the best rendition of them all. If it were my print I might lighten the centre grey bit. It seems too attention grabbing for my tastes...let the other colours have centre stage.


Wayne Elliott

George Barr said...


I suspect you are right, and I think on the 48 inch print, the centre gray is in fact a tad less dramatic.