Sunday, February 02, 2014

Buttercup Redux

This and the previous image have one thing in common, both have minus clarity in Adobe Camera Raw. Mind you, the amount is small, the effect subtle, but also important to the image. What's the feeling about using this in this way and in this amount - cheating? Tacky? Fine?

Is it as legitimate to turn clarity to a minus as it is to ramp it up and what does this say about increasing clarity - is that just as inappropriate or perfectly ok? What if the degree of minus clarity was taken to an obvious degree - what then?


Alexander S. Kunz said...

I like your image, it works well for me, and the effect of negative clarity is not tacky or cheesy in it.

In general, I think that ACR/LR's Clarity in Process Version 2012 needs to be approached with caution, and that goes for both the positive and negative settings. Applied globally, it is often not beneficial to the appearance of an image. I often use it only locally, with an adjustment brush.

Tim said...

The un-clarity is absolutely fine - just gives a nice subtle soft-focus kind of feel.

I'm a bit less happy about the background, however - the tonality is coarser, the toning rather saturated. Matter of scales and separation and simplicity.

TJ said...

I always use the minus clarity when I take shots of family members (mind you, not a portrait guy). It helps on softening the skin and facial complex, and to some extreme settings it does add a dreamy effect. I think it might as well help in reducing the sparkle of the digital noise somehow before the final cleaning up.