Friday, May 16, 2014

Zoo With 400 f 5.6 and Canon 70D

Well, lots been happening. I'm going on a cruise soon and birds are going to be significant, puffins, also whales - so I checked out the birding videos and websites and the consistent recommendation was a Canon crop sensor camera (usually the 7D) and the Canon 400 5.6 L lens, particularly for birds in flight - the point being that your shutter speed has to be high anyway.

I have now made the bold (? foolish) move to sell all my Nikon gear, for a variety of reasons I can go into but largely because of having the Sony A7r - but it did leave this one hole.

Here's from this morning's trip to the Calgary Zoo.

I actually want to go back and reshoot the owls with my A7r , 400 mm. not cropped, and with tripod so I can reduce the ISO. That said, ISO 6400 isn't bad on the 70D. "Grain" on a 13X19 print is visible  in the eyes and beaks, but probably less than Tri-X in the old days - we live in wonderful times.


TJ said...

I own Canon EOS 7D, and yes, it has a max speed of 1/8000, but I don't think this is a good reason to use it for action/motion shots. For such shots you'd barely need something in the range 1/500~1/2000, isn't it? Which is a speed most cameras can provide. The real advantage of 1/8000 in my opinion is when you have to use such speed with High-Speed photography (with speedlites). Of course there is the fps speed and all, but does it make a big leap of difference so to use 7D specifically? I don't think so personally.

Eric Rose said...

Love the owls! They are SO cute. Hey you should have let us know on the Calgary Large Format Group you were selling some stuff. Some might have been interested. Have a great cruise, I'm sure you will have a spectacular time and come back with stellar images.

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