Monday, December 22, 2014

Hip Replacement

Got a call Thursday before last, surgeon had a cancellation, did I want to move up my surgery? This news in the middle of a busy day seeing patients. Well, there were issues with the previously scheduled date in Jan. like no locum and a lot of missed office during the recovery - so yes, 4 days ago on the 17th I had my left hip replaced - interesting process, lying there awake while they bang and saw and drill, fortunately with something to relax you so you don't freak.

Went for a walk outside today, barely a block in total but after my hip really stiffened up. Otherwise I'm pottering round the house with one or two crutches (turns out crutches don't have cup holders. I've learned that if I bend my operated leg backwards, I can bend forward and touch the ground without breaking the rule about not bending my hip more than 90 degrees.
Stairs are interesting - going up, lead with the good leg, down with the bad. For the most part I don't have pain just lying back on a recliner or lying on the sofa, minor discomfort sitting upright - actually better than I'd hoped for this stage.

With luck, some weight loss and a fitness programme, by spring I'll be ready to go out photographing.


TJ said...

Best wishes, and Merry Christmas!

Fritz said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery

Ken said...

Glad it went well and you're up and about! Definitely we must get out to shoot - and don't forget about that half marathon thing :-)


Markus said...

Good that you are on the path of recovery again, George! How much we depend on all of our limbs together we usually only painfully recognize when one is not functioning smoothly any more.

Gary Nylander said...

I hope that you have a speedy recovery, George and that you will soon be back photographing.

Anonymous said...

Have a speedy recovery George. After having had two hips replaced last year I know you will feel a lot better. Just remember to take it easy when you start feeling a lot better. It is easy to overdo.
I can't wait to see more new pictures.

Mike Johnston (not the blogger).

Anonymous said...

All the best for a speedy recovery!