Sunday, March 08, 2015


I did something radical here - I cropped the left half of the picture - there was a second chair, with weathered wood and some white stuffing sticking out in a nice arc, but it detracted from all this - which is what really attracted me to the chairs in the first place. So it had to go.

The obvious question is why didn't I shoot it this way in the first place - all I can say is 'wish I had'.


TJ said...

I'm not about the color space here, but probably with ProPhoto space, and some saturation (if the ProPhoto didn't do that already), it will bounce out more.

DiegoPig said...

It would be interesting to see the whole shot, to better understand the cropping.

Ken said...

Well that was worth the extra drive!


Markus said...

I love the subtle colors here, leaving the attention to the structure, just supporting it. A medium sized print on baryta might just be the perfect way of presenting this old chair.