Sunday, May 24, 2015

Jura Canyon 2015

I started the day with my 25 mm. lens on the Pentax 645Z - but noticed exposures weren't right - and I hadn't screwed up the settings. Checked the lens to see if I'd taken it off of auto aperture - and notice the lens seemed a tad loose, and on further inspection, very loose - between the base section and the middle section - and it wasn't quite square either. Odd, as I'd used it not long before. It will have to go in for repair.

Spent the day using the 35 mm. lens - smaller, lighter, sharper at the edges, but obviously not as wide - so did a lot of backing up, and much more stitching than I'd normally do with this camera. Where I needed both great depth of field as well as stitching, I shot at f22 and got pretty decent coverage from front to back of the images, as well as decent sharpness. On this oversized sensor camera, f22 is eminently useable, which it never was on 35 mm. cameras.

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