Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fuji GFX 50s More Impressions

I almost returned the Fuji, thinking that something like the A7Rii would be almost the same quality with a lot more versatility, but wandering around the back yard taking snaps, I couldn't believe how easy the camera was to use with a manual focus lens that didn't even have the f stops connected or automatic. The back dial falls right to thumb and pressing immediately goes into magnified view for quick and accurate focus, aided with focus peaking if you want. I've had focus peaking before but this was better, more accurate, more selective, more useful.

I was out today, making a series of vertical images on tripod, and having the LCD tilt while the camera is vertical is so darn nice. The 300 is so much sharper on the Fuji, presumably because of the electronic first curtain.

I do find it annoying that the self timer cancels when the camera is turned of or turns itself off - but a remote would solve that problem and be better anyway.

From wandering around the back yard - have been meaning to shoot these hoops for a year now.

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