Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Book Is Here!

Yea, it came and I have it in my hot pudgy hands.

Actually, I'm delighted with the printing, I knew it wasn't a tripple ink 600 dpi stochastic printed coffee table book, but none the less, the images look good. I'd expected the colour to be good and most of it is, but the black and white is really good too - better than coffee table books of 10 years ago - amazing how far printing has come.

Hopefully it won't be long before it's in the stores and gets to the reviewers.


Expression.Exploration.Inspiration. said...

I really enjoy your blog

yz said...

Big time!

Chuck Kimmerle said...

Congrats, George. Must be a huge relief to have it moving to the bookstores.

The real fun starts now, however, as each and every small mistake will be pointed out to you by dozens of well-meaning readers (I've been that reader, on occasion)

Hope it sells well.

ilachina said...

Congratulations George! It must be a great, great feeling; a lot of hard work, anticipation, a bit of anxiety, more anticipation, followed by exhiliration! I'm looking forward to receiving my copy from Amazon, and will keep an eye out for it at Borders;-) A heartfelt Kudos to you. (Now, what is that second book going to be about? ;-)

Neil Hunt said...

Good luck with it!