Sunday, December 09, 2007

New Website

The new website is up and running and available HERE. I'm quite pleased with how it's coming along but I'd sure like some feedback on how it looks on your screensize, how quickly it loads compared to other popular sites and what you think it needs added.

I have already determined that all the images are going to have to be reprocessed and exported from Photoshop at their final size. Rapidweaver does a decent but not spectacular job resizing the images and I think Photoshop will do a better job. One very annoying thing is that when you click on a particular gallery, you are given a next button, but once you click on it once, that location is replaced by the previous button, the next button being moved off to the right.

I'd really like the arrow keys on the keyboard to control movement and will enquire as to the possibilities. I dare say a little javascript or somesuch could do it for me.

In the long run, I'd like to add purchasing capability and that can be done with third party addons for Rapidweaver.

Oh, the Inukshuks are from below Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park, Alberta. There are dozens of them, set up by visitors and they are really quite impressive, considering it isn't exactly Stonehenge - these have all been set up in the last few years.


Zeus1 said...

Using Camio 1.5.4 under OSX 10.4.11, Your new website loads FAST. Aceesing all the picture libraries is very easy and again FAST. Good lay-out, no clutter, easy to find Your way.

Good job!

Ivosz said...

Using FF2.0 on WinXP SP2, 1024x768, The Introduction page has much larger font then other pages and is clipped on the right size.

George Barr said...

Appreciate the feedback, will fix that size issue.


Jack said...

Your new site has a handsome elegant look and colouring to it. Two things:
1. On the line "-for the love of the fine image": I suggest you eliminate the hyphen or dash, capitalise the F on "for" and perhaps put the line in italics.

2. On the introduction page: when my "Favourites" (or bookmarks) list was up on the left side of my screen it pushed your page over so that the words on the right hand side disappeared. If I turned off my favourites, your page was fine. But there was no problem like this on your Images page. Curious.

Richard Earney said...

Combine all your styles into 1 file and make each page link to it. Also any inline styles can be made global too, and you can avoid duplication.

Same with Javascript files.

This helps the clutter on your code and helps the users' browser work more efficiently.

George Barr said...

Sounds good but not a clue how to go about it. That was the beauty of Rapidweaver, no coding needed. It didn't take much to fugure out enough CSS to change font size on each page.