Friday, March 28, 2008

Independent Machinery 15

These images are pushing my limits. The image of Aaron was shot at ei. 800 since the room was extremely dark and with the window behind him the dynamic range was right at the limits of the camera. There was quite a bit of noise and the face not super sharp, but it should make a decent 8X10. He was watching Sam use a cutting torch to free a forty foot high chimney which started 15 feet up - he dropped it perfectly, though some of us were thinking 911 emergency.

The second image was a multi image blend. I really needed the background blurred since it was quite distracting so used f5.6 but even though I used 11 images to do the blend, I should have used 20 or so - with finer increments in focus between images - I managed to miss the tip of the centre metal rest and focussed 1 cm. back - looks like at 5.6 the segments needed to be every centimeter - it might even have needed as many as 30 - we live and we learn.


ron said...

A nicely composed image, though I can't help but be distracted by what looks like a Last Supper on the in-focus cylinder end. Am I alone in this?

Carbon Based said...

The Last Supper exatctly my thoughts as well.LOL I can't imagine 30 exposures for that one image though!?!?