Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Latest Lenswork

# 75 just arrived and a lovely issue it is - some of Bruce Barnbaum's classic cathedral images (and a couple I hadn't seen before), interesting images of photographers by Bill Jay and more importantly along with some interesting text, a series of nudes by Rosanne Olsen. Larry Blackwood has a portfolio of grain elevator images which are top notch - strongly designed and beautifully printed.

Brooks tells us that he's no longer going to put Lenswork on magazine racks to avoid the huge waste in which excess magazines are trashed. I can see his point though I'll miss seeing it on the stand, class amongst the masses.


Gary Nylander said...

yes I agree I just received my issue of #75 also, a very nice collection of photography.

Jammy Straub said...


The issue is really fabulous. I enjoyed reading the interviews about body image that accompanied the photos.

Robert Hoehne said...

I only just receieved Lenswork Extended 74, feeling like the backwaters down here in Australia.
Looking forward to 75.

Alan Rew said...

I've recently started subscribing to Lenswork. As there was a special offer for new subscribers, I subscribed to both the magazine and the extended DVD, with the idea of choosing one or the other for next year's subscription. I'll find it hard to decide: I like the printed magazine, beautiful print quality, more like a small book. OTOH the DVD gives a larger selection of photos, and has audio & video clips. I suspect I'll carry on with both :-(

One interesting point - they seem to have a policy of choosing photographers with a wide range of experience, from amateurs to long-standing professionals. Also, they don't favour film over digital - it's about the image.

I'd recommend the magazine to anyone who's interested in fine art photography. See www.lenswork.com

Robert - Lenswork Extended 74 was delayed, wasn't shipped until 25th February.