Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Badlands Stitch

Above isa 7 image stitch with the 1Ds2, making for approx. 6000C13000 pixels, 80 megapixels. It shows a lot of detail and should make for some nice large prints, say 2 feet by five.

You may note that this is similar to the single image I posted the other day, though no cropped as tightly. Time will tell whether this should be cropped a bit but I need to live with it for a while.

Remember to click on the image to see it in a larger size.


Mike Mundy said...


a) Blogger: I think that perhaps I need some kind of Blogger tutorial on posting images. MY images don't come up as large as yours do when clicked-on.

b) Stitches: "It shows a lot of detail and should make for some nice large prints, say 2 feet by five." Do you often, in fact, print such large prints? Framing and mounting can get to be quite expensive, and then there's the issues of wall space, and storage . . .

George Barr said...


I have a photoshop action that takes an image and resizes it to fit 1000 pixels wide by 800 high, then converts it to 8 bit, then to sRGB then saves it as a jpeg in a specific folder for internet use. If the image is black and white, I usually use my second action which slightly increases contrast of the already black and white image and converts it to a duotone then tints it then back to RGB colour image for the net.

On the issue of print size, the answer is 'rarely'. In fact I'm wondering just how easy it's going to be to unplug my 7600 printer which hasn't been touched in over six months. The last big image I got framed cost me $600. Much better to sell big prints and let someone else pay.


George Barr said...

More Mike:

I wonder Mike if what is happening is that you are either sending blogspot an image that is too small or too large, perhaps it resizes it even in the enlarged version if you send too big a copy. It doesn't seem to change the 1000 pixel max that I send (that's what shows when you click on the smaller version that shows with the text).