Saturday, March 14, 2009

Scrap Abstract

When we arrived at the shop to photograph the steam locomotive, the workmen started tidying up a bit behind the loco and my last efforts were to photograph the piles of scap they' built up - I'm quite sure they thought I was mad!


Thorsten Vieth said...


I'm absolutely sure they thought you are crazy. This is the fate we have when taking pictures of something that most people would not regard as "beautiful" or even interesting. I am suffering from the same perception, for example when I recently took a picture of a dead crow at the side of a street in Bangalore. Caused quite a number of weird looks...

In any case, the texture in your image together with the rust tones is really lovely. You are actually the person that made me stumble upon Akvis Enhancer, and I really love it for bringing out textures while at the same time being subtle.

Thanks for that, for your very informative blog, and for your first book, which was an inspiring read for me,

Howard Grill said...

George, that post made me laugh as I am always thinking that people watching me must think that I am an absolute nut when I am out photographing!