Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I'm Still Here...

In response to Billie's query of where have I been - the last three months have been an intense series of rounds editing the second book Camera To Computer. Finally it is off to the layout editor. There's lots more work to come but a short breather is very nice thank you.

I have two requests of anyone who is still hanging around reading my blog.

1) I need some ideas for topics.

2) I have an idea for a third book "Why Phhotographs Work", which would be a series of wonderful images by other photographers along with 1 - 3 pages of description on why these images succeed. it would be a modern "Looking At Photographs" without all the talk of technique and media - and while I have a number of great black and white images, I need more great colour photography. Photographers have to be alive. Send info on how to access the particular image you are recommending.

Oh, and after not photographing for three months, I shot this spatula on the weekend.



Vincent de Groot said...

Hello George,

looking forward to your next book. Concerning your request..

1.) why do people photograph. I have a book with that title but is difficult to read and it gives just a few hints about it. I was thinking to write my reasons for photographing on my blog but till now lack of time prevent me to do it.

2.) I can offer some photographs, as an example:
filmatic effect

Dave Thomas said...

Regarding your next book, I believe the notion of bringing the Szarkowski books up to date is very interesting. I just looked at 3 of these books and found that they now seem more like photographic history rather then commentary on what is going on. For color photography, for me it started with Earnst Haas' Creation. Around 1970, Modern Photography had a few images from that book and it stunned me what he achieved with a 35mm camera and Kodachrome (hand held).

Jen said...

Hello George
Welcome back.
Topic idea: I'd like to see an article on photos that are 'nearly' right. Something's wrong or missing, but what? Why doesn't this picture work? I'm not talking about obvious blunders like a pole growing out of someone's head, but rather pictures that seem to have all the 'correct' compositional elements, but still does not come together.
The closest I seen to what I'm looking for is in Michael Freeman's "The Photographer's Eye".
Probably what I want is something along the lines of: "Hmmmm, that's a nice picture, but ..."

George Barr said...


do you have an example you could email me?

george dot barr at shaw dot ca


PJC said...

The recently completed SoFoBoMo 2009 project has yielded over 200 pdf ebooks, each with 35 or more images, filtered only by their photographers' passion for their subjects. You might find some interesting candidate images for your book among these images. See .

--Pat Cooney
(whose own ebook is at )