Sunday, November 07, 2010

Cave Roof

Another image from Writing On Stone. This one was a focus blend, tripod mounted, me wrapped around the tripod and inside the cave. Later I took some handheld shots because I couldn't get the tripod close enough to the side of the cave. Focus blending in Helicon Focus, local contrast enhancement over a small part of the image only via Akvis Enhancer, colour tinting by Layers, solid fill, colour blend mode.

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Anonymous said...

sweeeeet photo. You have skill, man.

Mind trip: imagine this is an ancient world, millions of years from our Earth, and this is the texture of its surface, untouched by any feet other than your own, and you're trying to describe what it's like to your people. Imagine that those promontories, those canyons, are not in the scale of inches, but in miles. Trippy.