Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Image Editing Videos Now Fully Uploaded

There are now seven videos uploaded to youtube, labeled athabasca edit 1 through 7, for about an hour of real time editing with commentary. You may learn a few tricks but the more important message is the process of analysing the image to see where improvements could and should be made, about decisions on cropping and taking things too far and backing up, of trying things and seeing what works.

Just do a youtube search for George Barr


Anonymous said...

George, well done you. I've got your books and they have been very helpful. The video makes for a very nice addition, clarifies parts of the process. I look forward to more. Steve Willard .

dd-b said...

Ah! I will have to look at these. I'm now skilled enough in Photoshop (not to say a master, or anything) that I now definitely agree that the hard part is figuring out what I want the photo to look like. I can usually get decently close, once I decide what I want.

Techniques are pretty easy to teach (and learn). Artistic judgment is what I really need to improve.

(And your book Why Photographs Work is being packed to ship to me at this very moment, if I can believe the status page at Amazon.)

Edith said...

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