Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Michael Reichmann

Just have to comment on Michael's latest image of a ladder on his site. Not sure if this link will survive new content on his site but do check it out. he comments that it was taken with the Fuji X-100 and that he's managed 4 portfolio quality images in one shoot. One can't help wondering if a fixed lens no zoom camera like this perhaps lets you concentrate more on the seeing instead of the fiddling - will look forward to his comments in the next few weeks.

This is a lovely image, almost abstract, simple, strong, wonderful colour. Makes you think, want to look again, ask questions or simply admire the beauty in something not inherently beautiful.


Frank Field said...

George --

M. Reichmann's image is fabulous! Thanks for pointing it out. Will be interesting to see Michael's fulls report and other images.

I do believe your point about simplification is key. As we weigh ourselves down, literally and figuratively, with more and more gear we do in fact have less energy to spend on the key task: seeing and capturing memorable images.

Increasingly I find that I'm opting to leave behind the heavy f/2.8 zooms and multiple bodies and go out with two or at most three fixed focal length lenses and a single body. I'm getting into more spots, getting more images and enjoying it more.


Anonymous said...

I agree the photo is great.

I agree simplification is the key to great photos. In the late eighties my photography improved when I started to use cameras without lightmeter and fixed lenses.

I believe using a zoom you often zoom in to simplify the photo.

With a fixed lens you can not. You have to move the camera to simplify the photo, by doing that you look to get things in there correct places to get a harmonious photo.

I am planning to have two cameras with different lenses, now when the improvements of then cameras seem to stabilized.