Sunday, November 06, 2011

Another Late Image from Writing On Stone

I worked on the image for quite some time, increasing contrast, darkening the left side, darkening the shadowed areas further, adding more local contrast with Akvis Enhancer, but then reining in the saturation with a black and white layer mostly masked and a reduction in contrast to bring back some of the subtlety of the image.

As it stands, one can hardly see that there is a huge boulder on the right entirely separate from the cliff face on the rest of the image, with a gulch between. The image would have looked more realistic had I adjusted tones to separate them, but I quite like this ambiguity. Whether I'll like it in a week or two of viewing the print remains to be seen.


Sandy Wilson said...


You seem to be suffering from a bit of self doubt with this image. Maybe it is because the message you want to relate to the viewer is not clear.

The large rock on the right merges to much with the background. If that was your intention fair enough, but if it was not your intention, your figure ground relationships are not clear.

Only changing the contrast and tonality of the large rock and the background rock is the solution here. That would create a better separation.

Anonymous said...

Hi George,
How long did all that post processing take you....sometimes my photos just dont work for me and I find its better to dump them and move on and retake it or forget it.

I like the photo...not one of yr WOW shots.