Friday, November 11, 2011

Hanna Roundhouse and Turntable

From the side of the turntable bridge. Shot with 90 mm. TS-E at its nearest focus - had diff. getting Helicon to blend for depth of field properly (those rivets are half round and so considerably closer to the camera. In the end I chose two of the images, one for the flat, the other for the tops of the rivets, and placed the rivet top image on top of the flat. I then used Transform - scale to adjust the size of the overlying image till they blended very closely. Then I masked the rivet top image black, and painted in white for the nearer parts of each rivet. No more ghosts and double images.

Not really sure what went wrong with Helicon. I had to scale the top image to 98.6% and I would have expected Helicon to handle that. In fact I went back and changed the preferences and retried the blend - even worse. Also tried the default settings - still not great. I'm sure there's a book out there that explains how to use Helicon to best advantage - time to do some reading.

The tilt and shift were irrelevant to the image - it's just a good 90 mm. lens close up - though hardly a macro lens.

And two other images showing the outside and inside - more record shots than fine art.


Susie said...

I just love this photo. This is definitely one picture I could hang on my wall and look at every day. George, you have the eye to see the beauty in the every day ugliness.

Maureen said...

Those are awesome photos of our Roundhouse. I see the turntable almost weekly but never that way. I agree with Susie, definitely something to hang on a wall.

Sandra said...

Your photos are very amazing George! I am very interested. Currently I am looking into an Photography Exhibit of the Roundhouse & anything to do with what remains on the roundhouse property (like the turntable, concrete foundations, lumber, etc.) as a special Exhibit for a reunion we are planning for the CN retired/current employees during the summer 2015. If you want to keep up to date on any development of this project, please check out our Facebook Page at Hanna Roundhouse Society.

The reunion & the Photography Exhibit are in their infancy stage but would be a good opportunity to bring a collection of photographs current & past for the public to view. I have been in touch with an individual with exhibit experience about getting something for the reunion featuring works by artists celebrating our historic building/artefacts as we look forward to receiving our Historical Designation in the near future. You may be interested in putting a collection together for this event.

Please stay tuned as this project develops with our CN Reunion.

Thank you! Sandra, Hanna Roundhouse Society