Sunday, August 18, 2013


If you check the exif, you will note that this was shot with a Nex-7 and 10-18 mm. lens. I was looking for something compact and with a better viewfinder than my old GH2 - and capable of shooting indoors.

I never completed my Light Rail project so was on my way when I noted some construction debris - concrete and ripper and bucket. I played around with composition till I got this, actually inside a larger piece of culvert, but at least with the bright sun not in this very wide angle lens.

I'd assumed I'd need to HDR it and counldn't figure out how to adjust beyond a +- .3 EV (turns out to be fairly obvious - press the option button after selecting Bracket. In fact, once the images were in Lightroom I saw that the standard exposure was fine so only a single image was used.

So far I'm loving the camera and lens - the IS still useful on a very wide angle lens - and rapid shooting so I don't move the camera between exposures, and magnified view for manual focusing.

A 40 inch print is decently sharp and I could probably go bigger on canvas. So far the viewfinder is working just fine in a bright sunny day which is what I wanted. This thing might just turn out very nicely - oh, and I like the picture.

1/60 second, hand held, IS, f8, ei. 200, shooting Raw of course. Note the shallow depth of field despite the focal length - because I was very close - ? 10 inches.

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