Sunday, August 18, 2013

More Construction

The first is the inside of a paving machine, the blue coming from the sky as the sun was very low an d not doing much for the machine.

All shot with the 10-18 on the Nex-7, the top image on a tripod (the light was fading and I wanted to keep the iso low - I did get shots at ei. 800 before the tripod.


Bob Munro said...

Nice work George, and I've just realised you're using an NEX7! I bought mine just over a year ago and haven't picked up my DSLR since. I'm curious about your feelings for the 10-18 lens you used in these shots.
I haven't ever shot wider than 18 and I do a lot of "wide"
work - maybe I should have a look at one?

George Barr said...

I'm quite happy with the 10-18 - very sharp in the centre and acceptable edges. Even my Zeiss 15 mm. has falloff at the edges. Near as I can figure the dropoff in sharpness is really quite close to the corners and doesn't affect the edges.

I know I'm a very late adopter of the Nex-7. I figure that by the time they release the next generation and there are reviews it will be months from now and ordering one at the beginning could add more months - so I'll bide my time and only move up if there is good reason to do so.