Sunday, June 15, 2014

Newfoundland Three

These images are from the old bunkers at Cape Spear, Newfoundland, about 25 minutes from St. John's. We had visited two weeks earlier and even in that short time, new graffiti had been added, complicating the photographing.  Both images were made with the 24 ts-e lens mounted on the A7r.

Even with careful viewfinder framing, I still needed to do some small Edit/Free Transform to get perspective correct for the print. This isn't a fault of the equipment, rather that tilt as little as one quarter of a degree is noticeable on a print, and not in a viewfinder of lcd, and not measurable with current leveling aids in digital cameras. I could have made colours and contrast pop in both images, but prefer the more pastel look shown here.

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FW Scharpf said...

Great comments and great images.
I am also frustrated by the A7R's imperfections. But when everything is right, the detail and IQ in landscape images is simply stunning.