Sunday, September 07, 2014

Kananaskis River Shallows

This was a three image stitch, with the 75 mm. lens. Why stitch with a 51 MP camera? Well, I have a 75 and a 35 mm. lens. The 35 was too wide and included some tree reflections from downstream, while mounting the 75 vertically gave me just enough height wise, but I needed more width than a single image would give.

Interestingly, within about 10 seconds of finishing the third image, I heard a roar of water from upstream - they'd opened the sluice gates of the dam, and within 30 seconds this entire scene disappeared under two feet of turbulent water. The kayakers started arriving and it was time for me to pack up.

1 comment:

Tim said...

Lovely shot.

You raise an interesting question with `why stitch?'.

Recently I've been thinking about making photos from just the one source RAW file, but it occurred to me I'd become reliant on lens quality - with stitching you can fix the distortion, edge-softness and vignetting at a stroke based directly on the images themselves rather than calibrations based on someone else's lens.

If there's an addiction to be proud of, I think correct-all-the-things is a good one.