Sunday, February 24, 2008

Heat Exchanger End Plate

I found this hanging on the wall of a shipping container being used for metal storage. It was dark in the corner and the ribbed siding didn't make for a pretty background. Fortunately there was enough steel sheet lying around I could find something suitable. I attempted to lift it down, only to find out that it was 1 inch thick steel, and just a little heavy. Anyway, with a bit more effort I laid it on top of steel lying on the bottom of the container and next to a large opening in the side of the container supplying light.

Do click on the image to see it full size - there's lovely detail in the corroded inside end, contrasting the bright cut of the copper showing. Wonder how long it took for the end to show rivulets of corrosion like this.

In a 'made' image like this, I could have placed the circle anywhere and more to the point rotated it to any position I wanted. I could have lined it up with the slants on the sheet, I could have made the sheet horizontal but that seemed a bit too much, I could have balanced the angle of the steel one way with the lines in the boiler end the other way. Sometimes too many choices actually makes things difficult - in the end this is what I decided, though I don't suppose it would be difficult to rotate the boiler end in Photoshop if I decided another angle would be better.

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