Saturday, February 02, 2008

More On Camera Insurance

Had a talk with my Insurance Man - very helpful fellow but an interesting conversation - he never did say that the cameras wouldn't be covered if I intended to sell my images, but did suggest a home business policy.

As it had a $5000 limit on away from home, that wasn't going to fly but he persuaded them to up the away from home to $25,000 which started to sound practical. I asked him to send over the 'fine print' but he couldn't do that and instead sent me the basic one sheet specs for the policy.

In order to get this much, he'd had to go to the underwriter who had to go one level up - doesn't sound like they are 'geared' for photographers.

The first thing I noticed was that it won't cover me outside of Canada - given that I'm going to San Francisco in April for a workshop for OutbackPhoto, that is enough to 'ground' the policy.

Back to the drawing boards.

I'll talk to the local camera store and see what they know.

Of course, it's my impression there are a lot more photographers in North America carrying around $10,000 plus in camera gear and any policy that would cover breakage, dropping, losing, as well as theft would have to be pretty darn expensive. I personally don't care about dropping - if I drop one piece of equipment, I'd rather just cough up and pay to replace it, what scares me is losing the whole kit and kaboodle to a thief, or perhaps a house fire.


justin said...

i have a typical renters policy, i added all of my gear on my poliucy as "Scheduled Items". my agent asked if i was going to be using it for personal or professional, i told her personal. recently all of my gear was stolen from my van away from my home, all of my gear was covered and replaced.

George Barr said...

Some people have had bad experiences when the insurance company finds out that you were shooting a wedding, for money, or things like that. The insurance company used this as a way not to pay.

Glad you had a good experience.