Saturday, May 31, 2008

Interesting Compositions In The Oddest Places


ilachina said...

George, I had to laugh (not because your pictures are funny..they're quite interesting compositions actually) but because of the timing. As I mentioned in my Micro Worlds intro in Lenswork, my 9yo son, Noah has long observed and commented on his dad's penchant for "taking pictures of garbage." (A reasonable "pattern" to deduce for many a photograher I'd guess;-) Anyway, just as I'm opening your blog, in comes Noah...mock-striking his forehead with a fist and frowning with (what I can only hope is also "mock") disdain, he croons "You've got to be kidding me dad...are all you photographers crazy for garbage?!?"

George Barr said...


we're a weird lot, aren't we. Mind you, Edward Weston photographed a dead man so I guess it's all relative.