Monday, May 26, 2008

Possible Magazines For Submissions

Thought I'd start a list of photography magazines which accept and show fine art photography, along with brief comments, as needed.

If you have any magazines to add to this list, as long as they accept general fine art submissions (eg. not Ducks Unlimited), and especially if they do a fairly decent job showing portfolios or single images, then add your comment to this entry. I will republish the list with additions and corrections as needed in the next week or so.

Lenswork - the magazine is black and white only, is known for it's beautiful printing, only does typically three photographers per issue and for many of us, is the ultimate goal of being published in a magazine. Lenswork Extended is the DVD version of the magazine. It accepts colour submissions. The images are pdf's and display large and detailed and look much nicer than the usual small web presentations.

Camera Arts - I'm afraid I don't 'get' this magazine. The images are often kitchy, heavily dependent on technique over image or use trickery as an end in itself. Black and white reproduction is very poor, there being nothing resembling black anywhere. Colour reproduction is significantly better.

Outdoor Photography - is a mass market magazine more interested in articles and products than in images, but they do show some work.

Popular Photography - not normally thought of as a showcase for fine art.

Phot'Art - great reproduction but quite biased to fashion. Fair number of other portfolios too though so could be worth while.

Photo Life - this issue has a very nice portfolio of David Burdeny's seashore images.

Silvershotz - coming along nicely, decent black and white reproduction and I believe they have opened their publication to digital these days.

Black And White - hard to get in as they no longer accept unsolicited submissions - you either win a place based on one of their contests or you get invited.

Focus - you have to be famous to get in free, the rest pay a significant fee for the privilege of being published, which taints the whole idea of being accepted (are you accepted for your skill, or your money). The publisher is very pushy. Perhaps he has the right idea, and I confess I went for it a couple of years ago, but have had second thoughts ever since, and as for his claims of it going out to collectors and generating business for you - I have heard from several people that this is not the case - you are very unlikely to make back the cost of entry (which is > $1000).

Black and White Photography (U.K.) - under new editorship with Elizabeth Roberts after declining a bit in quality over the last year or two but still a very nice magazine, decent reproduction, the ads at the bottom of the readers page are truly horrible so hopefully they will clean up those soon, they even accept small portfolios for the readers pages, showing a single photographer over a few pages.

Outdoor Photography (U.K.) - good colour reproduction, nice looking magazine, a lot of content, unlike the average American magazine, largely about landscapes and wildlife. It's the same publisher as Black and White Photography and they don't seem to do any monochrome, leaving it for the sister magazine.


Scott Jones said...

I would also add that the owner of Focus magazine is totally unresponsive to emails and phone calls. As well, all issues contracted for by subsciption are not reliably delivered. Beware. Of course your mileage may vary....

Henry Domke said...

Don't forget Lenswork magazine.

George Smiley said...

haShots is almost entirely open submission and although the quality is variable it surprises me more consistently than any other photo magazine.

Chuck Kimmerle said...

Shots magazine, published out of Mpls, Minn. is worth a look as well. The publisher is definitely biased towards highly conceptualized portraits as well as documentary work, but there's still room available for other genres.

Issues are usually themed, and entry is free for subscribers.

Even if you're primary focus is landscape photography, this is a good read.

Michael E. Gordon said...

Your readers should know about my experience with Focus Magazine in 2005:

Thanks for an interesting blog, George.

Michael E. Gordon said...

Here's a better link:
(may require registration).

George Barr said...

Michael, as both require registration, perhaps you could summarize for us.


chuck kimmerle said...

Through a bit of manual searching (slow day at work) I found this thread:

Hope it works. If not...sorry.

chuck kimmerle said...


Okay, here's the link broken up into shorter lines. You'll have to copy and paste, though.

Mike said...

In the UK, Ag Magazine, published quarterly is one of the best.