Sunday, May 18, 2008

Now This Is Experimenting


- I really like it.

- It's just Photoshop Trickery.

- Anyone could do it.

- But I'm the one who did.

- Am I just kidding myself?

- Would I dare submit such an image for a show, contest or publication?

- Why the hell not?

- But what if they think it's completely tacky? Gimmicky? Trash? Without Merit?

- Should I care?



Eddy said...

I love it. It showed me a different world, yet an interesting subject.

My Camera World said...

I like the image because it takes me a moment to figure out exactly what it is. Makes me look to see if there are other elements in the image.

I am not so sure everyone can really do it.

My guess is you use some sine-wave pattern in the curves function to create a solarization effect.

I suspect the image has not been altered, removed or added items and therefore this is not different that using x-rays, crossing processing or heavy contrast light and paper.

Therefore it could be entered in almost and contest.

For me the original pixels are only the starting palette and I regularly do add or remove my electronic paint swatches to arrive at an image that portrays the feelings and ideas I have about the subject.

Niels Henriksen

JohnJo said...

George, I couldn't possibly answer all of those questions but as to "should I care?" I would say no, definitely not. If we all cared then no progress would ever be made.