Thursday, September 25, 2008

Guess Where I Am

I'm at Photokina in Cologne, soon to be on my way to Prague to photograph for a few days. The trip was complements of my publisher and it has been interesting meeting the various authors, including some who have 30 or more years experience teaching photography at university level - eg. Harald Mante, who is a photographer of incredible sense of colour and composition.

Not much chance for serious photography but the image above is a hand held ei. 800 image from the Aachen Cathedral - home to the throne of Charlemaigne - yes, that one!

By the way, it's really dark in there and you can't see this much detail by the naked eye.


Hong CN said...

George, enjoy your session at Photokina :-)

JasonP said...

... and let us know how Prague is. I have a trip scheduled there later next month to meet up with family (I'll be doing photography though ;) )

Seinberg said...

Great place. Nice quaint little town, especially by the cathedral.

Mark said...

Have fun George !

You'll have to make it over to Ireland something :)