Sunday, September 27, 2009

Abstract In Cracked Paint

Found a dumpster with interesting patterns of rust and cracked paint this afternoon. Once the image was recorded, the biggest question was where to crop.

Shot it with my 70-200 f 4 IS at f 11, using live view instead of mirror lock up - no initial shutter opening to shake the camera. If extended use of live view causes problems, they have been too small for me to see, but I have not done any formal testing.


doonster said...

Biggest problem with Live View is battery drain. Number of images drops by as much as 80% using Live View (on my 40D went goes from 950 shots without to under 200 with Live View).
I've taken to usng Live View as little as possible: critical compose & focus only and use regular mirror lock-up for actualy taking the shot.

Sandy Wilson said...

A great Abstract Expressionistic image George, just like some of mine.