Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Need To Avoid Flaws

It might be an interesting idea to deliberately work with the flaws in our normal imaging systems - flare, dirty lenses, out of focus, distortion, exaggerated perspective, areas that have been driven to pure white or complete black, super low contrast or almost two tone.

Can you think of a project in which you might take advantage of one or more of these normally avoided flaws? Hmmm?


Carlo A. Balistrieri said...

I've done this several times. One of my favorite engagement photos came from a recent shoot. Composition was terrific, light was great--but it was a soft image. Ordinarily I'd pitch it, but for some reason it stayed in the catalogue. Rather than dumping it, I made the soft shot even softer and added to its romance creating a keeper.

I've also used flare (sometimes intentionally) as a creative element, and have saved lousy shots IF they contained material in the form of an element that could be used in another context, e.g. nice sky, etc.

Markus Spring said...

Lens flare I have learnt to use as creative means to show the intensity of the light, especially sun light. And since a long time I don't fear any more to include the sun in a backlight shot - see And when I do this, f22 can create a nice star effect without any creative filter or so.

For a long time I was obsessed with sharpness in my images, and only slowly slowly I can let go and value an image even if it's not tack sharp. Here it depends very much on the mood I see in a scenery. And I have seen convincing examples of defocused images, like Jeri Eisenberg's "Red Maples 'object'"