Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back Photographing

The book is off to the printer - too late to change anything, no point in worrying so guess what - I want to photograph again - and blog.

Several very old oak barrel planters were no longer in use and sat out this summer drying. I liked the texture in the barrel but also the stack of them with a wooden picnic table leaning against the background.

Shot this morning with my 5D2, live view, focus blending and somewhat cropped.
I had to increase contrast to make the uploaded jpeg look good - was fine before in Photoshop, hope it looks right to you.

Don't forget, as usual, you can click on the image to see it substantially larger in its own window.


Photo-Vinc said...

Hello George!

congratiulations with the work done! I am looking forward to the result.

Good to see some photo from you, contrast is fine but it seems to be a little too much oversharpened to me.


Mike Mundy said...

Doesn't it seem like it was just yesterday that dpreview was calling live view a "solution looking for a problem?"

George Barr said...

Mind you, I remember thinking the same thing about Auto exposure, never mind auto focus, now if that doesn't date me.

The ability to check focus in the far corners of the image at high magnification, whether using blended focus or not is tremendous. That I can do it with depth of field preview in place is positively amazing.

Forget depth of field tables and hyperfocal distances - now we can know if we have covered the distances rightly.