Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Second Book

Book 2 exists as a stapled together version from the printer, so it's real, it will come out - probably mid November. The book is called "From Camera To Computer".

It consists of 23 chapters and a Photoshop Primer, plus introduction and notes on the book, and a small index.

There is a chapter on on people pictures (unlike in my first book which was quite reasonably criticized for being all landscape and industrial. There are travel pictures. There are other chapters on abstracts, sculpture and architecture, manipulations and so on. There are short discussions on stitching and focus blending.

Mostly the book is full of chapters which discuss and illustrate either working the scene and or editing images beyond simply fixing problems.

There are a few tricks, many suggestions and tips, and dozens of example images shown from raw output to final image. There are proof sheets so you can see the failed attempts as well as the successes.

There's a chapter on pairs of images, comparing two somewhat similar images, discussing why one works better than the other.

The book is aimed at enthusiasts who want to make better images, who don't really know how to go about improving images beyond simply fixing things like colour balance and overall brightness and contrast. It's for the person who wants more information about working the scene and looking for solutions to real world problems in image taking.

The book is specifically geared to image editing in Photoshop and the concept of adjustment layers.

Unlike books by commercial photographers for whom a single trick can be applied to one thousand similar images so is worth learning and using, I show you techniques that can be used with all your images.

The photoshop primer shows you the 10% of Photoshop that is needed to edit 100% of your images - making it a practical and relatively painless tool for your image editing.

I plan to put the table of contents as well as a sample chapter up on my website closer to the release date.

My first book has sold 7,400 copies, is into it's second printing, and has been translated into German, Italian, Swedish, Polish, and two different forms of Chinese. none of which has made me rich but it has generated more income than print making ever did. I understand the break even point for a publisher is somewhere around 2000 books sold - guess that's why they were happy to do a second book. Wait till they find out I have an idea for a third book - a topic for another day.


Len said...

Your first book was great. Looking forward to getting my hands on this new book.

GC Bakker said...

I remember some time ago you wrote the book would explain the "why's" of image editing. Evaluate a raw image to decide which enhancements it requires and why.
From the summary you give here it looks more like you will tell us the "hows" of image editing.
Did you change your mind during the creation of your book or did I misunderstand you?

George Barr said...

GC - I'd like to think that I have done exactly as you wanted - explained the why of the changes, but I am going to reread some of the chapters to confirm and I will post an update as well as an example chapter.


Gerald Bakker said...

Thanks George. There are already too many Photoshop books explaining the techniques.
A book that goes into why one could perform any of the techniques, and how they affect images, would be a real winner!

Anonymous said...

Hi George,
your first book is one that I use to get a kick forward, so I looking forward to your 2nd one, do you know if there is a translation to german planed - if yes - I'll wait, if no - I'll order the english edition