Thursday, October 01, 2009

Which Camera Shall I Take?

I'm off to Victoria with my wife for a few days of R&R, but of course I'll take a camera with me. Do I take the 5D2, the 40D or even something pocketable?

The 5D2 isn't sig. larger than the 40D and has wonderful resolution and high ISO performance - but the lenses are so much larger. I'd have to take my 70-200, a 2X converter, and a 24-105 to get the equivalent of my two lens combo for the 40D 18-55 and 55-250.

I could take a traditional tiny sensor consumer grade camera but if we go whale watching, forget them for their poor focus speed. I could use a Panasonic GF1, but by the time you carry lenses that cover the same range as my 40D kit, they aren't a whole lot smaller and besides, I don't have one.

Once before in Victoria I took a Canon S3IS, at the time a decent camera, but could only make 5X7 prints with it - and I made a lovely image at Buchart Gardens that I could have sold many times over had I shot with a decent sized sensor camera. So far, what I have seen of the G11 and S90 test shots suggests that they are not going to be the panacea of a small camera, small zoom, general purpose carry around. My Panasonic FZ50 was decent but not great - great 8X10 prints but not 13X19 - so no, it will have to be the 40D. I think I'll pack my lightweight tripod too, for just in case. Will I regret not having the 5D2 - probably not - the 40D did very well for me in San Francisco and again in Germany and the two lens kit in a sling bag from Tamrac was easy to carry.

I have two batteries, just in case, and the small charger fits in a pocket of the camera bag. I'll probably take along my Epson 2000 both to view images and to back them up - it's a lot smaller than lugging along a lap top for what is supposed to be a holiday.


orcasmac said...

Why bother? If it's supposed to a holiday, why not make it a holiday from photography? Be the camera without the camera.

You just might find yourself refreshed and having a new outlook on images when you return.

George Barr said...

Aren't you the radical - no camera, my god, I'd feel naked. Actually, there are a couple of images I wouldn't mind taking while I'm there so not going with a camera isn't an option, but I will take your advice and relax and enjoy myself, and not ignore my wife.


Phil Kempster said...

Going to Victoria, Eh? Melbourne, Balarat and Bendigo? or the wine country around Dayleford or up the Rutherglen for the fortified wines? Mount Beauty, Beechworth or Yackandandah in the mountains - nah - too much snow. Maybe Lakes Entrance or even to the west and Apollo Bay and the Great Ocean Road?

But maybe its on a different hemisphere altogether ;-)

Just take A camera, George, it doesn't realy matter which, so long as the artist is using it!

donbga said...

If you are going to keep the 40D, I would definitely plan on getting the EFS 17-55 f/2.8 lens. It's really worth the money. The 18-55 is no comparison.

And instead of the 5DMKII I'm eagerly awaiting to find out more about the 7D, it could possibly a ground breaking classic Canon DSLR. The 100% view finder alone is worht the change.