Sunday, January 12, 2014

Just To Get Out

No idea for a project but desperate to go out photographing none the less, I headed over to Ogden. I found a lovely rusty door - but though the colours were great, the overall form just didn't quite work. Likewise a rusting steel structure. I found some huge long dump trucks, with their beds raised, and their insides all rusty - but the light wasn't right and I was doubtful about the image anyway - not worth waiting for a cloud to pass.

I drove past ADM flour mill, that I have photographed many times, and there were thousands of ducks and geese feeding on spilled grain. I needed a background that wasn't distracting and the silos served. I tried stirring the ducks to fly but depth of field became a problem and so this one image with the ducks all near the silos worked best.

I might try this again though, a single duck flying against the background might just work.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi George,

This is a wonderful image - lovely painterly qualities.

I don't know whether a single duck would work as well as the multitude here. The variety and disorder of the ducks hold my interest.

I could easily see this image in a book about why photographs work, if I may be so cheeky.

Thanks for sharing.