Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sony Nex 55-210 Lens

It's only been one day, and most of the images were shot yesterday in shade so the auto ISO was 1000+ for most of the images, but a few were in partial sun, ISO 250, f 11 and I have just made a 16X24 print that looks excellent. I can read print that is 1/32 inch tall on the print - albeit with my magnifying glasses because I can't see that close without. Not bad for a $350 lens on a small camera, hand held. It's everything I need an  a walk around lens. I did debate getting the 18-200 which is reportedly about the same quality - but light weight and the fact that I have the 18-70 already covered, and saving 2/3 of the price won over. So, my three lens, light weight kit consists of the 10-18, 17-60, and 55-210 lenses, 15-315 mm. in 35 mm. terms.

I'll get round to doing some more formal testing on the lens (ie. wide open and iso 100, but all I needed to know was if it would serve adequately, and it's done more than that.

Remember to click on the image to see it at 100%

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Bob Munro said...

Hi George - I bought this lens myself for my NEX7 late last year on a whim. Just thought to myself "I haven't got a long lens and I could use one right now ...."
To be honest I've hardly used it because I actually rarely need a long lens for my work, but have already decided as have you that it's "everything I need in a walk around lens", it weighs almost nothing, costs almost nothing (mine was on special at half price), and does a great job!