Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Several years ago I left smugmug. The interface was not attractive, you couldn't use the keyboard to go through images, and integrating other parts of my website were less than easy to downright difficultt.

Enter 2014 and the New Smugmug resolves at least some of those problems, and makes uploading and moving images infinitely easier than the commercial website I currently use.

So, if you want to see all of my images (at least the colour ones so far), go to Smugmug

Whether I'll switch over the entire website remains to be seen - some stuff (like pdf files) has to remain on my current server and most of the links aren't yet functional from smugmug.

You can't order prints as at the moment none of the full size files is uploaded, but I'm considering doing that as a separate section of the smugmug site. That being the case I'm going to test several prints ordered from smugmug to check on quality before  I let anyone order directly from them.

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Suggest you also look at Zenfolio