Monday, July 24, 2017

40-150 f2.8 and high res mode EM1ii

Wind picked up as storm was blowing in - so we see artifacts and blurring in the high res image that isn't there with a single exposure. Again, don't compare till you click to see them at full res.

Pay attention to the amount of detail in the roof shingles, in the plant below the window, and the detail in the blind, and lack of grain in the high res image.

Of course, I don't need to persuade you, only satisfy myself. It takes a few minutes to load the 80 MP raw file, sharpen it, reduce it to a more manageable size and save it. No one, even Olympus, is trying to tell you there is a full 80 megapixels of information in these files. - more like 40 mp.

We saw the same thing with images from Foveon cameras. They had full information at every pixel and initially tried to persuade us this was equivalent to a bayer pattern sensor of 3 times the size - it wasn't - but the images were unusually good for their native size - each pixel full colour, no bayer algorithm guessing at colours and detail.

You don't get the normal aliasing moire in patterned details, noise is significantly lower, resolution is more than half again better than standard shooting mode - not bad for a minor effort on our part - using a tripod - which I'd do anyway for my landscape and industrial work, and a little delay in processing the image.

I'll set up an action in Photoshop for any high res images I'm interested in working on.

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